The perfect server room?

Hi i got a chance to think about Data center design .But i searched and i got few notes to make good data center .
kindly update the details more about perfect data center 🙂
  • Enough space for expansion
  • Plenty of network ports
  • Sufficient network bandwidth
  • Plenty of dedicated power sockets
  • Should not be on the ground floor (risk of flooding + less secure)
  • Fire suppression facilities + smoke alarms
  • IP KVM for remote access
  • Telephone (so the operator can call a support line while looking at the hardware)
  • Pens + paper
  • A label printer – label everything!
  • A standard printer (nice to have)
  • Spare network and power cables
  • Air conditioning (also dehumidifies)
  • Good UPS (with automated/controlled shutdown functionality)
  • Sufficient power to run everything (and enough for expansion)
  • Entrance security (preferably also with logging)
  • Physical security (security on windows, entrance, etc.)
  • Whiteboard (nice to have)
  • Fireproof safe (for storing backup tapes, passwords and installation media)
  • Good server racks – well maintained (cabling)
  • Enough space to work comfortably behind the servers
  • A table large enough to build/dismantle a server on (plus monitor, keyboard and mouse)
  • At least 1 chair
  • Tidy patch panel (especially if you patch to PC’s and telephones in the office)
  • Good lighting

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