VMware ESX :How to Redeem License Activation Codes

How to Redeem License Activation Codes:

When you purchase your VMware products and features, your purchases are consolidated into a single order and you receive a single License Activation Code (LAC) for all products you ordered. You need to use the VMware web-based license activation portal to redeem your LAC and create license files that you use to unlock your products.

Follow these steps to obtain an LAC and redeem it for license files:

1. Order your VMware products.
Once the order is processed, an order confirmation e-mail is automatically sent to you.

2. Look for a separate email with a License Activation code.
One License Activation Code will be sent for all the products you purchased in a single order. Generally, the LAC has the following format: FAC-E253J-XXXXX-RC84T-XXXXX.

NOTE: If you don’t receive the email containing your LAC, please contact VMware SUPPORT

3. Register your License Activation Code.
Visit My Account and select Product Registration, sign in, and enter your LAC in the appropriate box. After you register your LAC, you can display, manage, and activate your licenses using the VMware web-based license activation portal.

NOTE: If you’re new to VMware, you need to create your VMware account.

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