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Asia gets its fastest undersea data cable system

  A new 7,800 km undersea data cable has opened to traffic in Asia linking Japan, Malaysia,Singapore  and  the Philippines  which could aid in financial trade. The  Submarine-cable Express  (ASE) transfers data via an optical fibre system at 40 gigabits per second, and is three milliseconds faster than any other cable between Singapore and Tokyo, […]

Asterisk 11.0.0-beta1 Now Available

  The Asterisk Development Team is pleased to announce the first beta release of Asterisk 11.0.0 (the first Long Term Support release since 1.8). This release is available for immediate download at All interested users of Asterisk are encouraged to participate in the Asterisk 11 testing process. Please report any issues found to the […]

UN telecom body opens debate on Internet future to public

  The UN telecoms agency has invited the world’s more than 2 billion Internet users to join a debate about the future of the Internet. The Geneva-based International Telecommunications Union’s announcement today follows criticism from civil society groups who say preparations for an upcoming global conference have been shrouded in secrecy. The World Conference on […]

Demonoid Torrent site removed

These days it appears that the number of safe havens for file indexing sites is fast dwindling as Demonoid is shut down manually by  Ukrainian  authorities, following a request from Interpol. So what does this mean for the filesharing community? Yes, it’s another message that indexing sites are becoming fair-play for authorities, where previously laws […]

Microsoft Tightens Windows 8 Activation Policy

Microsoft is now working to minimize piracy of Windows 8. With all the previous scenarios and a Windows 8 leak last week, change in the activation policy is just the right thing Microsoft could do. According to the new policy, a unique activation key will be written in BIOS of each machine, keyed to the […]

Dropbox: Yes, we were hacked

Maybe this will put an end to all that  “Dropbox of the Enterprise”  talk by cloud storage providers. On Monday night, Dropbox acknowledged that  spam mailings  afflicting users starting a few weeks ago happened when hackers used passwords obtained from third-party sites to access “a small number” Dropbox user accounts. The company called in outside […]

How to configure mail on Thunderbird

How to configure on Thunderbird Mail client   Step : 1 Register Account on Step : 2 Download Thunderbird mail client Step : 3 Start install that client and now we ready for installation .. Step : 4 Open A Thunderbird client   and just follow the images       Step : […]

Microsoft Announces Cloud Email with Skype and more function

    Microsoft just announced that they are launching a new cloud based online email service called When it comes to past email services, one can’t help but think of Hotmail, and how it has been slowly fading in the wake of Google’s   cloud email service gmail. As big tech companies like Apple, […]