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How internet is helping startups in match-making

    Modern-day Cupids equipped with precision-guided arrows are springing up on the internet, helping young Indians in their search for romance. Using cutting-edge technologies that involve data mining and self-learning, these matchmakers believe that artificial intelligence can show the way to true love. Instead of traditional markers such as caste, community, horoscope or skin […]

Twitter lets advertisers better target tweets

  Twitter  on Thursday began letting businesses more easily turn  tweets  into advertising that targets users of the globally popular one-to-many text messaging service. Advertisers  can aim terse missives of 140 characters or less to Twitter users based on their geographic location or whether they access the service using  mobile devices  or personal computers, according […]

YouTube unveils face-blurring tool

  Video website YouTube unveiled on Wednesday a way for users to automatically blur human faces in videos they upload, a feature that would help protect the identities of political dissidents, YouTube parent Google Inc said. Once known more as a repository for fuzzy, home-made cat videos, YouTube has become a growing destination for slick, […]

Don‘t use mobile more than 30 minutes a day

  If you are worried by the radiation emitted by cellphone towers around you, there is some good news. From September 1 this year, India will lower the level to one-tenth of the prevailing standard – from 9.2 w/m2  (watt per square metre) to 0.92 w/m2. The decision follows a report of the inter-ministerial committee […]

Passwords hack: Yahoo fixes security glitch

    Yahoo has announced that it has fixed a glitch in its security software that allowed hackers access to 450,000 email addresses and passwords. In a statement on the company blog, a Yahoo spokesman said the firm has deployed additional security measures for its affected users. “Yahoo recently confirmed that an older file containing […]