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Facebook launches ‘App Center‘ in India, six other countries

    Facebook has launched its application centre — App Center — in India and six other countries, a move that will help users to find games, music services and media content easily. The social networking giant had launched the App Center in the US last month. “The App Center is now available to everyone […]

The 20 Best iOS And Android Apps Of 2012

  Halfway into 2012, there are now more than 1.2 million mobile applications available to download to iOS and Android devices. With so many options literally at our fingertips — including dozens of worthy titles introduced to us each day — the task of compiling a mid-year “best of” list of new apps is more […]

Where Google Is Going Next: 5 Things You Need to Know

On the last day of the Google I/O developers conference, we sat down with engineering director Peter Magnusson to digest the introduction ofCompute Engine, which adds Google-scale processing power to the company’s list of cloud offerings designed to take on Amazon Web Services. Here are the announcement’s five key implications: 1. Forget Web vs. Native. […]

High School Student creates new social networking site

High School Student creates new social networking site A class 10 student of St Aloysius High School, Mangalore has created a social networking website of his own. With this step, he has shaved off a good five years from the age at which Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook, which is the biggest social media website in […]

Firefox OS coming to smartphones in 2013

‘Firefox OS‘ coming to smartphones in 2013   A new operating system for mobile phones akin to the Mozilla Firefox internet browser has got the backing of several major telecom companies, turning up the heat onGoogle and Apple in the smartphone market. Mozilla said on Monday that mobile network operators Deutsche Telekom, Sprint, Smart,Telecom Italia […]

WordPress Error :TypeError: obj.firstChild.firstChild is null

  Tried in different Browsers : In Google Chrome the error is: TypeError: Cannot read property style of null In Firefox: TypeError: obj.firstChild.firstChild is null In Internet Explorer: Cannot retrieve the value style: the object is null or not defined Also i tried to restore my   Old backups don’t solve the problem   Finally […]

Security : fail2ban and dependencies

I like to install fail2ban on my Server for securing ssh and Asterisk . Installed: fail2ban.noarch 0:0.8.4-23.el5 Dependency Installed: shorewall.noarch 0:4.0.15-1.el5             shorewall-common.noarch 0:4.0.15-1.el5 shorewall-perl.noarch 0:4.0.15-1.el5   shorewall-shell.noarch 0:4.0.15-1.el5