Cisco VPN Interview Questions ?

VPN interview questions:

1.What are the different types of VPN?

2.What requirements should a VPN fulfill?

3.How many ways are there to implement VPN architecture?

4.What are the different ways authentication mechanism in VPN?

5.Can you explain the basic of encryption in VPN?

6.what’s the difference between Symmetric and Asymmetric cryptosystem?

7.what are the different symmetric algorithms?

8.What are the disadvantages of symmetric algorithms?

9.what are the different asymmetric algorithms?

10.Can you explain different components in PKI?

11.What is a digital certificate?

12.Can you explain tunneling?

13.what is the concept of HA and FA in VPN tunneling?

14.Can you explain VPN tunneled packet in detail?

15.Can you explain voluntary and compulsory tunnels?

16. Can you explain static and dynamic tunnels?

17.Can you explain encapsulating, carrier and passenger protocol?

18.On which layer does L2F, PPTP and L2TP operate?

19.Can you explain PPP protocol?

20.Can you explain PPP link process step by step?

21.Can you explain PPP packet format?

22.How does PPP use LCP for link control?

23.Can you explain PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol)?

24.What is GRE in PPTP?

25.How does PPTP encapsulate data?

26.Can you explain CHAP?

27.Can you explain PAP?

28.what does PPTP use for encryption and authentication?

29.What is a L2F protocol?

30.Can you explain the broader steps of how L2F establishes the tunnel?

31.Can you explain how L2F data tunneling process works?

32.How do we do encryption and authentication in L2F?

33.Can you explain L2TP?

34.Can you define LAC

35.How does L2TP process?

36.How do we do encryption and authentication in L2TP?

37.Explain isakmp ?

38.Can you give an overview of various components in IPSec?

39.In IPSec what is SAD, SPD and SA’s?

40.Can you explain in a generic manner the packet of IPSec?

41.Can you describe the Authentication Header (AH) Protocol?

42.what is ESP (Encapsulating Security Payload)?

43.What is Transport and Tunnel mode?

44.Can you explain IKE (Internet Key Exchange)?

45.Can you explain IKE phases? Can you explain IKE modes?

46.Can you explain transport and tunnel mode in detail with datagram packets?

47.Can yo define LNS

48.Can you explain the difference between trusted and untrusted networks?

49.Can you define in short what VPN is?

50. Can you explain what IPSec is?

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