Free Vmware Course :VMware vCloud Director Fundamentals [V1.5]

VMware vCloud Director Fundamentals [V1.5]

– Format: Self-Paced
– Length: 3.5 Hours

The VMware vCloud Director Fundamentals [V1.5] self-paced course introduces students to the components, architecture, functions, and benefits of vCloud Director.

Objectives:After this course, students will possess the knowledge to:

–   Briefly explain cloud computing
–   Analyze vCloud Director architecture
–   Identify the vCloud Director components and their functions
–   Examine how to charge for resources
–   Determine the licensing needs
–   Recognize the prerequisites for vCloud Director installation
–   Illustrate vCloud Director software installation
–   Demonstrate configuration of vCloud Director software
–   Differentiate the vCloud Director terminologies
–   Configure and manage vSphere resources
–   Configure and manage cloud resources
–   Create and provision organizations
–   Create and manage catalogs
–   Utilize roles and rights to control access
–   Recognize the different administration roles within vCloud Director
–   Recognize types of networks in vCloud Director
–   Create and manage the networks
–   Identify different types of network pools
–   Recognize user tasks and privileges
–   Identify how to work with vCloud Director as a user

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