VMware : Free Traning Course- Virtualizing Microsoft Exchange 2010 with VMware-Customer

Virtualizing Microsoft Exchange 2010 with VMware-Customer

– Format: Self-Paced
– Length: 3 Hours

This self paced course discusses why organizations need to consider virtualization of Exchange 2010. This course focuses on the Exchange design prerequisites and Exchange design considerations. This course also covers guidelines for designing, sizing, and implementing Exchange 2010 on vSphere.
Objectives:                After completing the course, you should be able to:

–   Describe the need for virtualizing Microsoft Exchange 2010.

–   Describe the benefits of virtualizing Microsoft Exchange 2010.

–   State the prerequisites for designing the virtualized Exchange environment.

–   Describe the process of sizing Exchange servers using both manual and automated processes.
Illustrate several design and sizing examples for various sized environments.

–   Describe design considerations and guidelines for Exchange sizing.

–   Discuss implementation considerations for virtualizing Exchange on VMware vSphere.

–   Explain the process for testing Exchange performance.

–   Discuss the methods of monitoring Exchange performance on vSphere.

Intended Audience: VMware Customers

Outline: The course consists of three modules:

–   Introduction to Virtualizing Microsoft Exchange 2010 provides an overview of the challenges that organizations face when deploying Microsoft Exchange 2010 on physical hardware and how some of these challenges can be addressed by virtualizing Exchange 2010. This module also discusses the benefits that organizations can realize by virtualizing Exchange 2010 on the vSphere platform.

–   Designing the Virtualized Exchange Environment discusses the prerequisites for designing Exchange 2010 in a virtualized environment. This module also covers the design considerations and guidelines for designing and sizing Exchange 2010 on vSphere.

–   Implementing the Virtualized Exchange Solution covers various implementation alternatives for virtualizing Exchange 2010 on the vSphere platform. This module also discusses several implementation considerations that should be factored into an Exchange 2010 on vSphere design. Finally, this module discusses how to monitor and test the performance of Exchange 2010 on vSphere.

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