The three-application limit is out, Windows 7 Starter on netbooks is back in

As you may recall, in a recent blog, Is Microsoft Shooting Its Other Foot with Windows 7 on Netbooks? I was reminiscing about my 1995 HP Jornada and looking forward to getting a netbook with Windows 7 on it. I haven’t been ready to jump to Linux yet, and the thought of buying a 2009 computer running a 2001 operating system just doesn’t seem right to me. However, when I discovered that Microsoft had designated Windows 7 Starter as the operating system for netbooks and that this version was limited to running three concurrent applications, I was bewildered, confused, and annoyed.

I can easily live without all the Windows 7 extras on a netbook, but the thought of not being able to run more than three applications at a time just sounded ludicrous. I was so angry that I was tempted to throw out my reservations and go ahead and get a netbook running Windows XP or even, possibly, Linux. However, cooler heads prevailed, and I decided to wait and see what would happen over time as Microsoft listened to the cries of other Windows users looking forward to Windows 7 on netbooks.


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