VIsta Hack :NoDriveTypeAutoRun and AutoPlay

Registry Instructions for NoDriveTypeAutoRun

One interesting feature of NoDriveTypeAutoRun is that you can set the value in either HKLM** or HKCU. If you go overboard and configure both, then the Local_Machine over-rides the Current_User.

1. Type ‘regedit’ in the Start Search dialog box.
2. Navigate to this path:


3. If necessary create a dword called NoDriveTypeAutoRunNoDriveTypeAutoRun Control Autoplay with registry setting
4. Set NoDriveTypeAutoRun = 000000FF
5. A value of 000000FF (decimal 255) disables AutoRun on all drives.
6. Refer to the above table, and use a Hexadecimal calculator to compute the most suitable value for your machine.
7. There is no need to logoff; the NoDriveTypeAutoRun setting should take effect straightaway.

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