Windows Has An On-Screen Keyboard

Not many Windows users know this, but the Windows OS has an on-screen keyboard utility. This utility can be accessed by going to Start > Run, and then typing in ‘osk’ (without quotes) and clicking “Ok.”

Benefits of this feature include:

  • Visibility – This is the main reason for the keyboard. If you or someone else is visually impaired, and cannot fully see the letters on the keyboard. The user can just click the letters on the on-screen keyboard utility and it will automatically insert the specified letters for you.
  • Learning – As part of keyboarding etiquette, a user must focus on the screen more than the hands. This is a great way to learn the various sections of the keyboard without having to look down at the physical keyboard.
  • Alternative – Let’s say that your wireless keyboard’s batteries are soon to go out, but do not have access to batteries nearby and cannot stop the work that you are doing. This is a great alternative in a quick bind to continuing that work.

1 thoughts on “Windows Has An On-Screen Keyboard

  1. Rajeshwaran says:

    The same thing can be accessed from the Accessories menu in any Windows.
    In Vista, it can be accessed from Start -> Programs -> Accessories ->Ease of Access – > On Screen Keyboard. In XP, it is located in Start ->Programs -> Accessories – > Accessibility -> On Screen Keyboard.

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