google buzz: new service for the participation of all

Announced Qoukl today announced the new service google buzz and interest in providing a means for users of e-gmail what they want to share pictures, files, links, and can connect with the service your accounts in social networks like Twitter, or your accounts at sites such as Flickr. The beauty of the service they are used only with those who communicate with them in an e-Algimil specifically the contact list you have, but can make these updates available to all that the user wants it.
gmail google buzz. The beauty of the service they are independent with the kind of mail, where you have a special section in the mail within gmail, but Qoukl Her knowledge of books or a response to the update that you’ve done through the mail message arrives to you, and can respond to this update immediately in the mail and send it to service google buzz.. Service will be available today for general users.

A video explaining more about the service


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