Tools list from my Computer!!

I need following application for my regular work without These applications .. no00000 I   don’t want think 🙂 thats really hard 😉

Password Safe Keepass

Protocol Analyzer Wire shark

Reading   PDF   Foxit

PDF converter doPDF

Working with CD/DVD images DAEMON Tools

RSS Reader omeaReader

for SSH,SFTP   Putty

Working With Vmware Images VMwareplayer

Media player VLC & Real Alternate

IRC chat client Hydra IRC

Browsers FireFox & Apple Safari

Spyware remove   Spybot

FLV ro AVI converter

SFTp,FTP Client FileZilla

Linux server file Access WinSCP

Mail Client Thunderbird

Local NIC bandwidth Netmeter

free POP3/ SMTP client Ypops!

Torrent Client µTorrent

File compare WinMerge

For file copying Rich Copy

multi-tab remote connections manager mRemote

Web server Wamp server

Chat Client pidgin

SIP Softphone   X-lite



Cisco SDM

Cisco Network Assistant

VMware Workstation

Vmware VI client

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