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CisCo : Installing the VSG ( Virutual Security Gateway ) Software from an ISO File

DETAILED STEPS Step 1 Upload the Cisco Virtual Security Gateway ISO image to the vCenter datastore. Step 2 From the data center in the vSphere Client menu, choose your ESX host where you want to install the Cisco Virtual Security Gateway and choose New Virtual Machine. The Create New Virtual Machine dialog box opens. Step […]

Cisco : How to install SSL cert on Cisco ACS ?

Install your Trustwave SSL Certificate Click “System Configuration” in the navigation bar and click “ACS Certificate Setup”. Click “Install ACS Certificate” and choose the “Read certificate from file” option. Then provide the full path and filename of the .cer file which was e-mailed to you by Trustwave. Also, provide the full path and filename to […]

CisCO : Nexus and Cisco's Unified Computing System

I was searching fro long finally i found @ youtube channel , Hope this is very useful About the Brad Hedlund is a Technical Solutions Architect in Cisco’s Center of Excellence for Data Center field sales. Since joining Cisco in 2006, Brad has been helping Enterprise customers design large and small data centers with challenging […]

Cisco : Generate Crypto Keys via ASDM

To generate the key pair from ASDM go to  Configuration, then select the  Device Management tab. Expand  Certificate Management and go to  Identity Certificates. Click  Add and select the  Add a New Identity Certificate radio button.   Then click  New. In the Add Key Pair dialog box,  take the defaults and  click  Generate Now. Don’t […]