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vpnc – client for cisco vpn concentrator -Ubuntu

vpnc is supposed to work with: * Cisco VPN concentrator 3000 Series * Cisco IOS routers * Cisco PIX / ASA Zecurity Appliances * Juniper/Netscreen Supported Authentications: Hybrid, Pre-Shared-Key + XAUTH, Pre-Shared-Key Supported IKE DH-Groups: dh1 dh2 dh5 Supported Hash Algo (IKE/IPSEC): md5 sha1 Supported Encryptions (IKE/IPSEC): (null) (1des) 3des aes128 aes192 aes256 Perfect Forward […]

PIX/ASA Checklist

PIX/ASA Checklist As with configuring any firewall, administrators should develop a checklist that they can use during the installation and implementation of the PIX/ASA firewall in the network. There are really two components to this checklist. First, you want to define the implementation requirements and determine how the firewall should be configured and what options […]

Cisco IOS VLAN Services Make "Virtual" a Reality

Cisco IOS VLAN Service New Cisco IOS VLAN Services Make “Virtual” a Reality Virtual networking has rapidly become one of the major new areas in the internetworking industry. Virtual networking refers to the ability of switches and routers to configure logical topologies on top of the physical network infrastructure, allowing any arbitrary collection of LAN […]

Cisco:VLAN -1

Before you begin creating VLANs, you should determine whether the switch will participate in a VTP domain that will synchronize VLAN configuration with the rest of the network. You must also enable a trunk connection if you want to use VLANs across multiple switches. The steps to configure a VLAN are: 1. Enable VTP (optional) […]

Configuring Interfaces ASA 5500

Basic Interface configuration : Step 1 To enter Interface configuration mode, in global configuration mode enter the interface command with the default name of the interface to configure. In the following example the interface is ethernet0. hostname(config)# interface ethernet (int eth ) hostname(config-if)# Step 2 To set the IP address and subnet mask for the […]

Performing Password Recovery for the ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliance

Performing Password Recovery for the ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliance To recover from the loss of passwords, perform the following steps: Step 1 Connect to the security appliance console port Step 2 Power off the security appliance, and then power it on. Step 3 During the startup messages, press the Escape key when prompted […]