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Cisco's offers borderless security

With a view to tackle today’s enterprise security challenges Cisco has evolved a new architecture for enterprise security that will help enable business users to access information from any device and any location with a high degree of ease and security, The Secure Borderless Network architecture focuses on four critical anchors: enterprise end-points (mobile or […]

Cisco : How to Check an AAA-Server Authentication on Cisco ASA/PIX/FWSM

How to Check an AAA-Server Authentication on Cisco ASA/PIX/FWSM CISCO-ASA-LAB# CISCO-ASA-LAB# test aaa-sever ? test aaa-server [authentication|authorization] [host |] username password For example: CISCO-ASA-LAB# test aaa-server authentication TACGroup username kartook password cisco12366 if authentication is successful (output mentioned below) INFO: Authentication Successful if authentication fails (output mentioned below) ERROR: Authentication Rejected: Unspecified

CiscoROUTER Password Recovery-How to recover cisco ROuter lost password

One of the most frustrating moments as a network administrator is when you desperately want to log on to a Cisco Kartook-R1-LAB and you try all possible passwords you have with no success. Fortunately there is a Cisco password recovery procedure for IOS Kartook-R1-LABs which you can follow and bypass password control in order to […]

VPN Error :Change PIN [isco VPN Concentrator 3015 3030 3080 radius with Expiry !!]

Setup: Concentrators are configured to point to the same Radius server (Win2008) for authentication through Active Directory (AD) Concentrator have got “Radius with Expiry” enabled on the VPN group. Remote users use Latest Cisco VPN client version and Windows Vista 32bit 1) On Cisco VPN Conc. 3015 – It works perfectly. Remote user was prompted […]

Cisco Introduces New Certification Option for CCNA Voice

On June 24th, 2009, Learning@Cisco will implement program changes to the CCNA Voice certification.     There will now be two options available for candidates wishing to achieve their CCNA Voice certification: A commercial option and an enterprise option. The new CCNA Voice Certification enterprise option assesses skills/knowledge related to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager […]