VPN Error :Change PIN [isco VPN Concentrator 3015 3030 3080 radius with Expiry !!]

Concentrators are configured to point to the same Radius server (Win2008) for authentication through Active Directory (AD)

Concentrator have got “Radius with Expiry” enabled on the VPN group.

Remote users use Latest Cisco VPN client version and Windows Vista 32bit

1) On Cisco VPN Conc. 3015 – It works perfectly. Remote user was prompted to change new AD password (Cisco called that PIN) via Cisco VPN client when AD password is expired.

Solution :

1. Reset the User password on AD server .
2. End user should login to VPN with new password .
3. Go to Command prompt type : gpupdate
4. logout the VPN Client
5 .logoff the system
6 . Login to the SYSTEM with new Domain password
7. After login try Cisco VPN client

it should work or else update 🙂


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