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CisCO : Nexus and Cisco's Unified Computing System

I was searching fro long finally i found @ youtube channel , Hope this is very useful About the Brad Hedlund is a Technical Solutions Architect in Cisco’s Center of Excellence for Data Center field sales. Since joining Cisco in 2006, Brad has been helping Enterprise customers design large and small data centers with challenging […]

How to uninstall Vmware workstation v

I want to uninstall   the Vmware workstation v on my laptop . Oprating System:Ubuntu 10.10 -64bit .. kartook@Kartook:~/Downloads$ vmware-installer -l Product Name                 Product Version ==================== ==================== vmware-workstation kartook@Kartook:~/Downloads$ sudo vmware-installer -u vmware-workstation kartook@Kartook:~/Downloads$

VMware Launches Open-Source Cloud

VMware has entered the cloud game by offering an open-source package called Cloud Foundry, a Platform-as-a-Service that should strike fear in the hearts of its competitors, especially the likes of, Microsoft and Rackspace. The platform will offer developers the tools to build out applications on public clouds, private clouds and anyplace else, whether the […]

VMware : How to setup Windows Active Directory authentication on ESX 4.0

To setup Windows Active Directory authentication run the following command replacing “mydc01″ your domain controller name. Replace “” with your domain name. You can add redundancy by adding multiple domain controllers by running the command again with the other server names /usr/sbin/esxcfg-auth –enablead – – – – – –krb5enable /usr/sbin/esxcfg-auth –enablead – – – – […]

Vmware : How to install Vmware Tools on Backtrack4- Final

I used VMware Workstation 7 to test this. The BackTrack kernel sources are already in place, so all that’s left to do is install BackTrack in VMware and start the VMware tools install. BackTrack uses up around 5 GB once installed, so plan accordingly. mkdir /mnt/cdrom mount /dev/cdrom3 /mnt/cdrom cp -rf /mnt/cdrom/VMwareTools-7.8.5-156735.tar.gz /tmp/ cd /tmp/ […]