Appnr — Web-based tool to install applications on Ubuntu

Appnr is a Web-based tool and a service that install applications on Ubuntu. Application install from Appnr is always latest version in repositories.

AptURL is required

The AptURL Protocol Handler and a Web browser support are required to install applications. The AptURL Protocol Handler is a program that handles special URLs to installing software on APT-based Linux systems. Ubuntu 7.10 or higher can use AptURL by default.

Please install the package “apturl” if using APT-based Linux systems like Debian, Linux Mint, PCLinuxOS.

Install from Synaptic Package Manager

Go to Synaptic Package Manager and find “apturl”.

When you have found it check it and click on “Apply Changes”.

Install from Terminal

sudo apt-get install apturl


Download from HERE

After installing apturl you need to visit the Appnr select the category and then application now you need to click on Install that’s it it will install your application.

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