Demonoid Torrent site removed

These days it appears that the number of safe havens for file indexing sites is fast dwindling as Demonoid is shut down manually by  Ukrainian  authorities, following a request from Interpol. So what does this mean for the filesharing community? Yes, it’s another message that indexing sites are becoming fair-play for authorities, where previously laws […]

How-to Enable Video support in Asterisk

How-to Enable Video support in Asterisk Asterisk Supported video codecs H.261 H.263 H.263p (Asterisk 1.4) H.264 (Asterisk 1.4) Note : Still Asterisk 1.4 V has   issue regarding video codec negotiation For old Version : enable video in Asterisk, modify sip.conf to add: [general] videosupport=yes For New Version : Edit the following file /etc/asterisk/sip_general_custom.conf and […]

Microsoft Tightens Windows 8 Activation Policy

Microsoft is now working to minimize piracy of Windows 8. With all the previous scenarios and a Windows 8 leak last week, change in the activation policy is just the right thing Microsoft could do. According to the new policy, a unique activation key will be written in BIOS of each machine, keyed to the […]

AppleCare iCloud password reset

Very scary news coming from Wired’s Mat Honan. As well publicized over the weekend, Honan’s iCloud account was hacked. ‘Bad’. This quickly led to Honan’s Twitter account, and in turn Gizmodo’s Twitter account (where Honan used to work). Honan’s Twitter profiles were attached to his iCloud email, and a simple Twitter password reset allowed those […]

Windows Powersheel v3 KeyBoard Shortcuts

PowerShell v3 here are some of the most useful keyboard short cuts:   CTRL+N: creates a new script CTRL+O: opens an existing script CTRL+T: adds a new PowerShell tab CTRL+SHIFT+R: opens a remote PowerShell tab F1: gets help for the cmdlet that the cursor is on. CTRL+F1: opens input assistant to provide arguments for the […]